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Resident artist



The artist and Olney resident, Annie-Claude Mellor was born and educated in Paris. She began painting and drawing as a child.

As she told OlneyOnline: "I was always interested in art in all forms and shapes. I was inspired by my father, as he himself was a keen artist. He is the strongest influence on my artwork."

Her father was the well-known French architect and town planner Guy Lagneau, named in France "The Man of the New Towns", who was also Professor at the "Ecole des Beaux Arts" in Paris. 

Annie began painting seriously over 30 years ago while at home looking after her two young children. 

"Painting pictures for friends and family was always a pleasure and their reactions to my art always exciting and fulfilling.  Word soon spread and I ended painting more and more, developing my own style and enjoying the happiness I was able to bring to people I love."

Annie-Claude has had a number of exhibitions both in the UK and France, and now sells artwork through recommendations, commissions & online. In Olney, her prints are on display in La Petit Bijou and Olney Framers.

"I recently started creating pictures from high resolution photographs that are then digitally worked on to create specific effects artwork. My recent photographic artwork includes landscapes and flowers, street scenes of Olney and Paris, family portraits and homes and favourite pets."

OlneyOnline asked her if parting with a painting was difficult. "It is always painful to part with my original artwork, unless it is with friends and family when I know I am going to see it again.  When I sell an original it is like a part of me that’s gone and I miss it for days and even months and years afterwards. As they always represent a part of my life, my paintings mean a lot to me and it is the reason why I have now started selling limited edition prints.  Also I like to keep my originals for future exhibitions. Commissions are a different matter."