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Raven Star



Catriona Knox, who is from Ravenstone, is part of the group, 'The Boom Jennies'.

She told Olney Online that, even after four years performing at the Ediburgh Fringe: "it's still incredibly nerve racking - if it wasn't I would be worried! If anything the pressure gets worse each year because you have to produce a fresher, funnier, spanglier show that you did the year before. But the great thing about Edinburgh is that you go feeling bolstered by everything you learnt the previous year and knowing that you are going to have a brilliant kind of working holiday for a month!

The group had good review last years but it is always a tough crowd in Edingburgh. "At the start of August the rose tinted glasses are firmly in place: Edinburgh and the fringe has such an air of creative possibility, and people saying 'I loved your show, you were fantastic'. By the end the spectacles are sitting slightly skew-whiff and you're looking out at rain, rain and more rain. But still we go back, year on year and always, always have the best fun. "

On her performances in front of family and friends she said: "Performing for family and friends is always the hardest thing to do weirdly - the navel-gazing part of you thinks they should be your greatest supporters but I have found, because I am attracted to straight-talking people and come from a family of straight-talkers, that in fact they are our harshest critics".

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