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Olney Honey



Local honey - nature at its sweetest!

Beekeeper Bob North collects the honeycombs by hand from hives around Olney, and extracts the honey. The only 'processing' involved is to sieve it through a filter to remove any fragments of wax.

This isn't a commercially-driven venture, just an interesting hobby. But it creates far more honey than the family can consume, which is why they sell the surplus.

If you'd like a hive on your land...

Bob has half a dozen hives which local farmers and landowners let him put on their field margins, orchards and such. If you would like a hive or two on your land in exchange for a few jars of honey let him know, as he's always on the lookout for the perfect site!

Swarm collection

If you discover a swarm of bees on your land, let Bob know, as it may be possible for him to re-home them in a hive, rather than getting a pest controller in to kill them. Bob also tries to keep track of what honey comes from each hive, so there's a good chance you'll end up with a jar or two of honey from 'your' bees later in the year.


Address and contact details:

The Cottage
Church Street
Olney, Bucks
MK46 4AD

(01234) 240151



Opening hours:

Please phone before collection.


From £4.00 per pound