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Bike Hire at Brixworth



Please note the photograph with this listing is a placemarker and doesn't represent the real bikes available!

Bicycles are also available for hire from Pitsford Cycles based within Brixworth Country Park, where there are circular trails to explore.

Information for people requiring specialist cycles:

At Brixworth Country Park there are two specialist bicycles available for hire: 

The two seat single control bicycle is designed so both users can pedal but only one user has control of gears, steering and brakes.

The Wheelchair bike is designed so a disabled passenger can sit in the front and the operator pedals from behind. The cost is £2.00 for the first hour and £1.00 for each additional hour. To book or for more information telephone 01604 883920. Credit card details and proof of address will need to be taken as a damage deposit. Wheelchairs and electric buggies also for hire.  


Address and contact details:

Northampton Road,
(off the A508)

Find on Google Maps
01604 881777



Opening hours:

Open Monday to Sunday 9am - 6pm.


Adult Bikes: 2 Hour Hire £6.95/ 4 Hour Hire £8.50/ Day Hire £11.95
Childs Bikes: 2 Hour Hire £4.95 /4 Hour Hire £6.95
Tagalong Bikes: 2 Hour Hire £12.95 / 4 Hour Hire £14.95
Tandems: 2 Hour Hire £16.95 /4 Hour Hire £22.95 / Day Rate £29.95!!
Kiddy Trailers: 2 Hour Hire £ 5.95 /4 Hour Hire £ 7.50