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BOFF: A Solicitor's Secret Life



By day, Rob. Marchant is a solicitor in a highly respected Olney law firm. But there is more to Rob. than dusty law books and discussions on tort. By night, he is a drummer in the rock band Chocolate Badger.

It all started eight years ago, when he sat in on a rehearsal with band members. He hadn’t played the drums since school but found it all came back. Rob said: “I loved it, and being in a gang is great fun.”

As a child, Rob’s dream was to be the drummer for the Rolling Stones. He added: “I didn’t get the breaks and ended up a solicitor...which was my next choice.”

Rob, who is 48, is the Senior Partner at Garrard and Allen where he has worked for twenty years. He was born and bred in Olney and it is his family firm.

He said: “The secret for success as either a lawyer or a drummer is the same: you make noise. Music allows my loud side to come out. It’s also a chance to let my hair down – if I had any of course. And successful negotiation is like drumming - you keep going until everyone else gives up..”

Not that he is giving up the day job to pursue a full-time music career. “I like helping people achieve what they want to achieve when they’re in a highly technical and worrying area, perhaps buying a house or making a will. It is very satisfying.”

The Chocolate Badger website boasts of a “blistering rock/soul sextet which peaked with release of seminal live album "Live At Ravenstone”. Album sold seven copies on first pressing.”

And why are they called Chocolate Badger? Rob confided: “The other members won’t tell me. They think it funny if I am kept in the dark.”

Chocolate Badger’s last gig to raise money for The Injured Jokey’s Fund was a sell-out. They are on the look-out for more venues and more gigs. If you would be interested in hiring them please contact band@chocolatebadger.com

Chocolate Badger will headline the Big Olney Food Festival 2011